Monday, 28 April 2008

Bday Celeb!!

How did I celebrate my bday many had asked. On the day itself, had to work. Last weekend it was a bday eating frenzy. Bday treat by family and mr dearie said person. A bday picnic at Ulu Yam yesterday was the cherry on top of de ice cream. I lUv LuV iT~~~

And no, I didn't do ANY birthday shopping spree for moi dear self. Don't believe it, well BELIEVE IT!!=)

Im an angel now. (visualizing a white halo on me head now.hihi.)

But todays monday, I feel bloated (due to the monthly thingy) and fat (like i've ever been thin anyway.duh!!). Hence not in a proper working mode. *sigh*

Island escapade, come forth NOW!!!

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Ummu Auni said...

duh, bestnya. rendam air sejuk gitu. isk just went to taman jasa (wedding reception), about 10 km away from ulu yam.

cupcakes? cute! simple, but nice

happy birthday again!!