Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I've been sent to many suicide missions by me dearie boss (with a bit sound of sarcasm) to meetings which i either have zero knowledge of or I may be equipt with some knowledge but I personally feel still would not be suffice to give a proper legal advise to whoever is seeking. I've survived thus far.

However, yesterday was different. Yesterday I advised confidently (or so I think) as opposed to the usual squeaking sound I make when queried with an impromptu legal opinion. Yesterday I was bold. Yesterday I was brave. That feeling stayed with me in the room but immediately evaporated the minute I stepped out.

Then I had a sudden panick attack. Then I started to worry. Then I feared. I curse thy boss for asking me to attend to such meeting. Such crucial advice which may not be in the same line of thinking of the utmost superior power of the Ministry.

Thank god for a dinner meeting with mr dearie said person yesterday, I managed to calm myself down.(mr dearie said person; ur a true schweetums!!)

I've just explained to thy boss the legal advice I gave yesterday and whoopee!! she totally agrees with yours truly and I am therefore relieved. Now I can breathe and exhale normally. (owh boss, ur a true gem.=))

It may sound trivial to many but it's a HUGE thing for me. I've yet to master on everything ABOUT the Ministry and to think that I know all, it is indeed suicidal. *phewww*

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