Monday, 21 April 2008


I know.I know.I'm probably the last to get hooked to this local tv series.Hats off to the production team.i've always been a fan of ng ping ho's work with the likes of kopitiam and each other, one would not expect any less from a great producer,screen writer and TV director. Why turn to Hollywood when we have our own local acts to be proud off. Kudos!!!

Check out the reruns (like I did during my lunch break.=p) here.

Can't wait for 2nd season!!


Perfumes said...

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Ein said...

yep, aku pun kire lambat minat!! best gile kan. that Maria girl, my classmate kat Kch dulu :)

shueyluweyduwey said...

serious ein?patut lar cara die cakap melayu ada pelat2 sikit but i can't quite place she's from which state.ingatkan dier chinese.tapi ghost rawcks!!!

fraulein nadia said...

Urgh, I hate Razif burung!! Hate Hate Hate! Perasan cool.