Thursday, 3 April 2008


Just returned from a meeting which involved matters relating to Land Law. Like OMG, u would not imagine how squirmish I was in my seat not remembering a single thing from the NLC (despite the fact that I glanced thru the Code before the meeting) and worrying that I'd be bombarded with legal questions. Lets just say that I did NOT pee in my batik baju kurung and got out of the meeting in one piece. *pheww*

The perks of being legal advisor to the government sector; exposed to many types of laws. Downside of it, ur EXPECTED to know EVERYTHING!! Icks.Sometimes I feel I'm in the wrong profession for I lack of knowledge in soo many things.

4 years of studying law does not mean we're jack of all trade for all types of law. 4 years of studying law does not mean we're intelligent. 4 years of studying law does not count for anything without proper working experience.

I pray hard that I would not make any mistakes big enough to cause me my job. Amin.

*shuey feel like shooting herself in the head.bang!!*

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