Thursday, 17 April 2008


Back from being away on hiatus mode for quite sometime. Difficult to turn the office mode on at the moment. Hence, putting on hold all work till I come back from a meeting in the evening.ngeeee.

The trip to the northern part of Thailand was not that pleasant. Hot weather and misleading tour guide left us feeling cranky on most part of the trip. However, great company and cheap street food managed to salvage the could-be-the-worst-package-holiday-tour-ever!! *sigh*

highlights of the trip: -

From top to bottom; my dosage of exercise, great company, bamboo rafting, THE-best-cheapest-ice-chocolate-ever!!,cam-whoring.

More pictures are available here.

Saved by a three-day course in ILKAP, I did not have to head to office straight after the trip. The course was a huge eye-opener and it comforts me to know that WE are doing something right for the country at international level. No, I was not brain washed for I have perfect capabilities to think whats right and whats not. It's safe to say that sometimes it's better to dig deeper than seeing something on the surface for most of the times we are often mislead with informations which does not do justice to the executing party.

Oh yeah, picture from adam's wedding have been uploaded. Enjoy 'em.=)

*shuey on lazy mode*

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