Monday, 11 May 2009

why I LOVE ye!

Simply because:

You're dead honest
You're super sweet
You love cats
You're my cheer leader
You make sense
You're not pretentious
You surprise me
(and the lists just endless)

Though you can be a JERK occasionally, and THEN make me cry. But I am no different to you. I annoy and irk you equally. Making us a perfect fit. Yay!

Thank YOU for yet another fulfilling Sunday of cheering me up when I was feeling all fugly physically and emotionally. Thank YOU for sharing interest in artsy fartsy stuff. And Thank YOU for bringing me to the Pasar Malam for a round of nasi kukus guilty pleasure. *grins*

psst..Next, get me a DSLR and take me to Malacca. You be the model, I'll be the photographer. *next year's birthday wish, prolly?tee hee hee*

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