Monday, 28 January 2008

catching ups

in the span of 4 days or so, i managed to do some cathing ups with close buddies of whom i've not met for quite sometime: -

  • thaipussam (wed) - sya.min.khairil (just discovered the beauty of them daim cake at ikea.yummylicious!!)
  • IP symposium in KL (thursday) - linda and nuzul (superb catching up session)
  • IP symposium in KL(Friday) - quick lunch break with miera dearie at Pavillion.=)
  • movie cum lunch outing (saturday) - with mr. dearie said person
  • doa and kenduri doa selamat (sunday) - melati.miera.farhana.nadia.sarah(engin) (yeap, we were loud people!!)

i've always loved having small gathering of catching up with small knitted beloved friends simply because i now hate crowds. (oh no, i've turned into ein.first the OCD, now this?ehehe) *shue's anti social mode is SOO ON*

seriously wanted to join law20 girls for a game of futsal on sunday but sorry gurls, other comitment cropped up. see u guys on sunday?*crossing fingers*

the IP symposium gave me a new appreciation for intellectual property right. should not steal and deprive the fruits of an intellectual property right's holder.

i think i ramble2 now more. i speak of no essence. suffering brain dead. need badly a holiday. why la august so far away!!!!!!!!!!arrrghhhhhhh....

will come back to u guys when i my sense is proper.

*shuey going on an undetermined hiatus mode*


nadia said...

hahaha...kuat gila kita berborak! Thats why mel's mom seperate kita dgn public. Anyway, that's really fun :-) I desperately wanna marry a rich guy la, shuey. Dont like my job.

~k.u.c.i.n.g.l.o.v.e.r~ said...

hehehhe..nanti kalau ko dah jumper satu.tanye kalau dia ada adik ke tak ek?=)