Saturday, 19 January 2008

Tale of a lost kitten (almost adult cat)

Friday morning: was not around for breakfast feeding
Friday night: still not around for dinner feeding
Saturday morning: still missing
Saturday evening: went around housing area and no where in sight.

He (Tompok) which i saved from my roof top. He which i fed with milk. He which i cared. He which i loved. No longer in sight. No longer meowing. No longer snuggling. No longer purring. Tompok's gone.

Eye's badly swollen. Heart's badly wrenching. I miss him. I miss my Tompok.

(note: thanks mr dearie said person and shafiq for helping me searching for him. much appreciated)

*shuey's free flowing with tears*


Mazliza~ Aja said...

so sorry about yr cat..huhu..

~k.u.c.i.n.g.l.o.v.e.r~ said...

thanks ajak.aku sedey lagi...tiga hari tak tido.

Ein said...

aiyo Shue, sorry to hear bout ur cat. hope u're coping well.

~k.u.c.i.n.g.l.o.v.e.r~ said...

am still sad and missing him.seriously.taking it too hard..