Tuesday, 29 January 2008


The usual shuey-self-let down-moment brought my feet (car actually) to alamanda to do a little bit of retail therapy. Bought myself yummylicious ration which would not necessitate me to go down to the oh-so-boring-same-old-food-cafeteria below and the building next for the mere reason of getting lunch every single day. Now, i can happily have my lunch whilst watching reruns of tv3 shows or the funny spoof in www.gua.com.my in my very own room. One hour bliss is enough.

why the need of therapy? I still lack confidence and that frustrates me. I fear to speak for i hate looking stupid. In fact I was reminded by the O'great one of AGC to "think, before i speak". Then again, for thinking too much before i speak leaves me speechless. Hence, the feeling of i'm perceived as dumb (my own analysis).

I so hate myself at the moment.

*shuey in a self-let-down moment*


Anonymous said...

cheer up shuey =)

~k.u.c.i.n.g.l.o.v.e.r~ said...

thanks ati.the retail therapy certainly helped.ye lar tuh.so much more to learn.again, the self hating moment.arrrgghh!!!