Tuesday, 5 February 2008


been wanting to blog but no words came out. told ya i'm on a hiatus mode. but today, i have to blog because the feeling is overwhelming. leaving y'all with a feeling of suspense yeah?heheh..

on wilayah day i spent more time with beloved close friends for a makan2 and yam char session. In the afternoon with the 2 chambees-yet-to-be-called-to-the-BAR i.e Linda & Nuzul.=)

later at night i get to spent with my other sets of friends from high school whom i haven't seen in ages. they were my close buddies cum classmates in high school. all are succesful. wei chee's in australia working and studying at the same time; li ling works at PWC Malaysia, phooi leng works at EY Malaysia. Yeap, i was the odd of the bunch. Thus whilst chilling at starbucks weird stares came from weird people as i was the only malay-wearing-tudung-girl there surrounded by hot chinese gurls.heh.and we call ourselves multi-racial country.double heh.

(p/s:that leaves u, yes u, cin fazlin mat zain to lepak with and make sure it is b4 ur wedding!!and oh yeah, i miss u too babes)

it was good to do catching ups with these gurls. it reminded me of how we were back then. we were all prefects but naughty. never studious. always talking. wish i could share pictures of us but the person who has photos of us have yet to upload them. i miss wei chee the most. she was my walk-home cum after-school lunch buddy and she remembers my bday even though she's in aussie. talk about long life buddy. they're indeed in the circle. only one was missing from the gathering; quah sian huey. the mature and smarty pants of us all. i miss her as well. those were the good no-responsibilities-old days. i miss and loike!!

on a different note, received a call from lia yesterday, telling me that she could relate herself to one of my recent blog post. i smiled to myself upon hearing that. i know my blog is not as cool or better still NOT AT ALL COOL since i only write bout my boring mundane life. i rarely write on current issues because i'll feel depressed and i use plain ol english. but to know that people actually READ my blog and could relate to what i feel and experience leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy. she wasn't the first to say that to moi. there were several others. so, im normal after all? ehehheh..thanks guys!! =)

oh yeah, remember mr. smitten and infatuated? attended a function yesterday which could've caused me to accidentally bump into him *wink* but sadly, our path didn't cross. could only see him from far and no, admiring him from far didn't leave me smiling to myself like a fool.

to all my chinese friends (that is if u guys read my blog.;p) happy chinese new year!! have a prosperous one yeah!!

*shuey in a bored mode*

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