Tuesday, 5 February 2008

im in love

im in love;

with this charles & keith shoe (but in black please)

(p/s: Daydeck, if u read this and if ur going back to kuching any time soon, could u please check out if its there and how much is it?thanks *hugs*)

That shoe is my this year ultimate black court shoe. I dun't know why but my fetish for quilt-based product is BACK!! just bought meself a cheap black and white quilt pump shoe.saw similar one in s'pore back in december but thought it was way too expensive and am so glad I found it here for a mucho cheaper price.

Oh yeah, im done with shoe and bag shopping, except for the cute little number up there (please smack me if i do anymore of it!!im serious). Time to make new baju kurungs for the many many weddings of the year this year!!=)

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