Wednesday, 27 February 2008

cik froggy

at about 1 p.m today, i received a call for the above-titled person "accusing" me of being angry at her. having close friendship ties with these guys (mira,ein,and muna)have caused us being accustomed and influenced by each other's behaviours.

paranoia me, now paranoia mira. OCD ein, now OCD me. now u may have discovered who the above-titled person is. dunt ask me why froggy though. some silly spontenous silliness occured at Starbuck back in the student days.

thus, miss froggy thank u for calling and for sounding paranoia-like-me. gives me the comfort that im normal after all. hehe.

i miss you (miera), you (ein) and you (muna) all more!!

now, don't go crying away. AS IF!!


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