Wednesday, 23 January 2008

enforcement unenforced

Was reading the paper this morning and came across this news, "Bayar cukai tanah dapat hadiah kereta" and i went like huh?

Another classic example of having existing laws but left unenforced. Do we really need to go to the extend of bribery (can be considered as such) to ensure land revenue's paid? Is it even right to allocate budget for such campaign? Shouldn't land owners be legally responsible/civic minded enough to pay what's owed to the government? Or is it just another political agenda to secure people's vote for the coming election?

I am seriously lost for words and am seriously baffled. It feels like they're making mockery of existing laws. "Law is a valid law if posited, in the proper manner, by a recognized authority, regardless of its moral implication" - Proff Hart's theory of law quoted from Wikipedia.

First it was the discounted traffic summons, now this?

I can only imagine what other country's thinking about Malaysia with this repeated culture.

Am seriously disappointed.

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