Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Dummies for Drivers

Lesson 1

Right-est lane = fast speed lane
Middle lane = moderate speed lane
Left-est lane = suited for heavy vehicles (busses,lorries, etc)

Lesson 2

The thingy-ma-jigg attached to the left or right side (depending on car model) of ur stering is called an indicator. use it to give indicator/signal when overtaking/changing lanes/etc.

Lesson 3

To stay alive and accident free, follow Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 dilligently DuMb-AsS!!

the kind of road users i have to face everyday.can really make my blood go upstairs!!(broken english intended).ish.

on a side note (shue always have a side note ey?heh), sarawak is a go go!!!yay.can't wait for june next year to come.=)

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Ein said...

haha. dummies for drivers? buat dummies for L-holders shue. esp for me one! ;) yea, SO SWEET of u guys dah book flights. mwaaahs*