Sunday, 9 December 2007

good Sunday

after a horrid experience yesterday, good Sunday it certainly lippy glossy.superb shopping acquaintances cum advisors (mom-superb taste, sisters-trusted confidante). what's an ALMOST retired shopaholic me has got to complain?i'm happy.yay!!=)

funny how shoes, bag & make up can easily boost one's self confidence. tomorrow's meeting at BNM would be a breeze.heh.=) (ye lar tuh)

here's to the newly wed, radzlan and hanisah. may your marriage's blessed with eternal bliss till death do u apart.

radzlan's wedding reception (saturday, 8.12.2007)

a late congratulations wish to also newly wed; nicholas netto and wife, carol. may your holly matrimony's blessed with eternal bliss till death do u apart.


mardhiah12 said...

wa cantiknya pengantin
particularly the bride :)
shuey, serious nampak kurus :)
bro yusoff pun komen juga

- kak aini

~k.u.c.i.n.g.l.o.v.e.r~ said...

ler..dunt lar say like that.shue serious dah gain weight akak.dulu lagi kecik.ehehe..perasan.=) send my regards to bro yusof and ur two lovely kids.=)

mardhiah12 said...

shuey, pinjam gambar kay..
letak dlm fotopages akak
ada officemate nak tgk, because i told them the colour looks so nice

~k.u.c.i.n.g.l.o.v.e.r~ said...

guna lar akak.tak kisah pun.=)