Tuesday, 4 December 2007

sabah's off!!

due to some unforgiven mishaps from the management of the current ministry i'm serving at, i'm not going to sabah. that's the price that we have to pay for being in a foreign land from the AGC HQ.no worries. not that i was that fond to travel to sabah for a half day meeting.i was only looking forward to go shoe shopping at charles & keith.i guess that have to wait for god knows how long.(p/s: nadia sabah, since ur a regular customer at charles & keith, please beg them to have a chain in west malaysia.PLEASE!!!!)

well, bad news for me.good news to my beloved friends (as if im the miss-popular!!heh). i am going to make it to radzlan's wedding reception after all.it's camera whoring time!!!

see u guys saturday!!

oh yeah, im about to go for a suicide mission, attending a meeting in the afternoon where i have not much knowledge of the subject matter.hey, don't blame me.i'm new at this.not like once i've graduated from law school, get called to the bar, im suppose to know everything!!

sheesh kebab.

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