Wednesday, 26 December 2007


i should've known better than to vent out my anger and over-sensitiveness in me blog. it's nothing that i regret but the aftermath is quite obvious. certain individuals gets hurt, words spread around and since its the prevalant practice of everyone not wanting to ask me what's the real deal, the truth version of it is often manipulated.i'm seen to be the bad-ass one.i'm seen to be cruel and mean.nothing new to me.i know.

thus, closure is what i seek. to those i've hurt, i apologize. i forget that the desire to change lies in the individual themselves. no amount of words or confrontations could change the situation and circumstances. i can't stop people to act how they act or speak when they want to.

i am no angel for i've done my share of badness. neither am i perfect. in each and everyone of us lies ego and pride. once its hurt, one will be defensive. now, im letting my fence down. now, i want to end all this emotional and anger torture i impose on myself.bak kata pepatah "ikut rasa binasa, ikut hati mati".

*shuey in a hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil mode*

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