Thursday, 27 December 2007

Singapore escapade:Stop, Look, Go

The Singapore trip this time felt like a true tourist package tour of stop, look & go. Didn't quite enjoy it for the island was too crowded with throngs of tourists since it was the school holidays. Note to one self: NEVER visit Singapore during school and festive holidays.heh.
First night: Clarke Quay (upbeat version of Bintang Walk)

Second day: Sentosa Island. I still prefer our theme parks. The sun, the heat and the amount of people made the visit less enjoyable. Well, at least for me la.

now, getting this pair of shoes made me happy there after.=)

Second night: Night walk at Orchard Road (christmas decor and christmas atmosphere was superb)

Final day: Final Shopping. Got me self this second pair of lovely2 shoe.=)

Notice the absenties of my dad from all the pictures taken? Now, he was the smart one. He took his own sweet time exploring singapore at his own leisure. Jealous!!

Conclusion: I find there isn't much difference of the Great Singapore Sale with the sale in Malaysia. Same brand, same products, same price. If it wasn't my dream to be the proud owner of Charles & Keith shoes, i don't think i would consider going to Singapore for the mere reason to shop. I'd rather shop here. Seriously.

Nevertheless, I was happy to spent time with me familia. Being the typical hot headed and hot tempered us, surprisingly there wasn't much tense going around. *clap* *clap* *pat on the back for the jamal clan*.

*shuey's wearing her charles & keith and now in a sleepy-and-lazy-to-do-work mode*


farhati said...

shuey, guess what. azam thn baru. nak jadi shoeholic. haha.. suke tgk kasut2 kau. =D. teman shopping kasut ok. btw, just bought crocs' mary jane. konon sweet laa tp aku letak button pirates..ngehehehe...

~k.u.c.i.n.g.l.o.v.e.r~ said...

yeah..mari lah kita menjadi ati pakai kasut lawa2!!aku pun ari tuh nak beli crocs mary jane tapi cam tak jadi sebab banyak sangat kasut.hehehehhe..=) boleh2 teman gi shoe shopping.anytime babes!!