Tuesday, 18 December 2007

charles & keith

  • revenge is sweet after all.after a failed attempt to getting those Charles & Keith shoes at KK (which my boss managed to grab a couple *jealous!!*), there is karma after all. family and i are going to singapore this 22nd!!woo hoo!!tsunami shopping galore, here i come!! *all smiles*
  • the following lesson is the continuation of dummies for drivers;

Lesson 4

to the dudes & dudettes drivers out there, please press the pedal break when necessary. i SOOO do not dig SUDDEN BREAKS because 1) the tyre will get exhausted easily and 2) if i hit your car, i am to be blamed and NOT you.

so please boys & girls, drive carefully and as the tag goes, "anda mampu mengubahnya" (cheh.poyo!!) heh.

  • newly found grammar use by Malaysian artists:-

1) "I hope you like me just the way I are"

2) "What is she's doing here"

I know my English is not perfect but come on, don't you guys do editing before airing the shows?

*shuey in a ramble rambling mode*

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