Thursday, 4 October 2007

friends for life

My mom always reminded me that friends come and go BUT family remains. Hold strongly to such princip, I do but when it comes to special friends, I know they are those whom i can consider family and would always have a special place in my heart.

Yesterday, I met up with old-unimates for iftar of whom I know amongst few others would always remain friends for life. They've witnessed the bad and ugly of Ms. Nur Shuhadah Binti Mohd Jamal and stood by as friends they did till today. Honoured I am to have friends like them.

Miera, Muna, Fazlin and I came from different states and different family backgrounds but tight bond of friendshipness brought us together.

This tribute has been long overdue as I couldn't find the time or the words to describe how i feel about this friendship that we have.

Cheers to you guys for making my life colorful and for truly just being there for both good times and bad times right from back in uni days to date.XOXOXO!!!

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