Tuesday, 23 October 2007

First Day

I believe in the saying, first impression counts. Thus, holding true to such saying, I left home in the wee hours of 7 a.m to reach my new office, latest at 7.45 a.m. Yeap people, i've been deprived off minimum sleeping hours due to my new office now located in Putrajaya.Shucks!!

Thought i was mentally and physically prepared for the long journey, but i was wrong. Driving to and fro to work for a minimum 30 minutes drive is not pleasant at all. Therefore, I decided to either get an i-pod or install a cd player in me car to accompany my journey to office as well as to save me from the horrifying jam whenever rain pours.

Anyways, back to first day of work. Came early to report for duty in the anticipation that work begins immediately. But I was so wrong. Half of the day was spent sitting in the Human Resources Department for god knows what. Come lunch time, I ventured solo to the town of kajang in search of the EPF office to obtain my EPF statement of account. After that's done, I contemplated to head to Alamanda for lunch since I reckon I would not get the chance to meet my boss eitherways. However, I ended up having lunch alone in the office cafeteria while reading the book I brought along.

Miracle happened after lunch; I was brought to meet my boss. Finally, I'm settled in my own room with a PC that works.

Thank God for that.


Nadia MY said...

Welcome to the Planet of the Slow Motioned Apes, Shuey! Haha.

My first day in AGC - report duty, harass Melati, sleep on the couch in the lobby, harass Melati again, sleep in the surau, harass Melati some more.

Nadia MY said...

Oh by the way, nice skin ;) FINALSENSE rocks! More than blogskins!

~k.u.c.i.n.g.l.o.v.e.r~ said...

ehehehehe...tuh lar pasal.lembaps siut mereka..mereka ini.nadia,caner nak letak that tag baord thingy ma jigg?biler i tukar template,bender tuh terus hilang!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...sedey...