Monday, 1 October 2007

=been there, done that=

Having discovered a new networking service craze,, i was elated to find long lost school mates whom many i last saw say, 7 years ago. Looking at their profiles, i can't help but feel a huge sense of inferiority and a tad bit of jealousy as they've pretty much done the whole deal of "been there, done that".

Whilst im still searching where my direction of life would be, they are pretty much settled already. Whilst im only beginning to save up to travel around the world, they've pretty much been to every continent and every states that i've dreamt of going.

For the heights they've achieved, im no where near as compared to them. However so, having brought up in family which prevalently practice the art of simple living, as much as i feel inferior to my many high-achievers school mate, i am blessed with whatever Allah has bestowed upon me. What my mom said is true, without me realizing, Allah is always there to listen and He would not burden one who He thinks can't shoulder such. Thus, bestowing one with the wishes that one makes.


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