Saturday, 20 October 2007


"the name-on-the-door hanging card"

11.10.2007 marked the last day of working in SRL. The place where i learned many things; had my break-down,depressed moments and at the same time met many wonderful colleagues, staffs and bosses whom I can now call friends. Having given notice one month earlier mentally prepared me to leave the firm with peace and at ease.

Surprising enough and to the dissapointment of my colleague whom i fondly call dude; i didn't shed a tear when i did my round of bidding farewell to the people of SRL. Probably because i know for a fact that the friendship bond with my colleagues and staff does not end the minute i step out of SRL.

I would most certainly miss the working environment, the people, the food, the building, the 10-15 minutes drive to and fro to work, the court-van-shuttle-service n endless lists of good things. However,all good things (at times bad moments) must certainly come to an end BUT then again, a new journey begins and I pray that this new job will give me the PEACE i crave in finding what I truly want in my life.

Goodbye SRL,

"the no-more-working-tag"

Hello new job!!=)

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