Monday, 12 November 2007

weekend frenzy

it was a crazy weekend frenzy. saturday morning went out for a supposedly grocery shopping; instead we ended up with zero-grocery but gained new pair of sandals for myself, clothes and shoes for my sister.

after the failed attempt to grocery shop, we left for Ipoh to attend to my cousin's supposedly 'merisik' turned engagement ceremony. hehe. it's funny that she lives in mutiara damansara with her brother's family but we never do make a point to meet up with each other. hence, the news that she was getting hitched next year came not so much as a shock to me, but i was non-the-less surprised.

congratulations dear cuzzy. i had fun using ayahuda's ol' school camera to capture the candid moments of u and ur fiance'. yes, dear cousin, YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ENGAGED.=) can't wait for next years wedding and be rest assured, i'll remember to bring a digital camera though not at par with ur fiance's superbly canggih DSLR.hehehe...
On a side note, i don't understand the hoo-haas of the peaceful assembly that took place last Saturday. I believe the assembly was not intended to hurt anyone in particular or an attempt to politicize the YDPA but merely to pass a memorandum to the YDPA. Should the YDPA want to read, acknowledge, or consider it, is secondary.
oh well, glad that a friend of mine was not hurt in the whole thing. *sigh* hate the monthly woman thingy. it makes me go on an emotional roller coaster ride.
*double sigh*

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