Monday, 26 November 2007

wedding shcemdding.holidays

*sigh* whilst the school kids having a holiday blast, us adults is at work, having the monday blues. sheesh.

depressing monday it is.not feeling well.feet hurts.stomach full of gas.head hurts.worrysome for my coming interview on the 29.11.2007.yeeesh.

plentiful of wedding receptions to go too this coming one month.both my cousins getting married.*sigh* uni-mate and beloved ex-colleague getting married as well.*double sigh* dad's making noise, mum's yapping, aunties worry.*tripple sigh* am i THAT OLD to worry that im no where near to hear the sacred wedding bell ringing/chiming or whatever?

as u can see this post is a truly ramble3 bla3 post with no exact point im trying to make.back to work.monday blues suck!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey hey hey...

marriage is not everything laa shuey.. =D