Monday, 12 November 2007

highschool episode

never thought that a year after university ended, the highschool dramas continues to date. bad enough today's dinner practice was not up to the expectation of the powers to be, i was told by a little bird that some extravagant rumors about me was spreading around if not to all of my friends, maybe a few have heard it.

having found out about that, i exploded. this habit of people talking about other people behind other peoples back without cogent fact is so passe'. i beg of u people, PLEASE GROW UP. stop minding other peoples personal matter. by getting urself meddled in a no-existent conflict will only make it worst and for goodness sake, we're 24. in case u haven't noticed, we're no longer teenagers. we're adults and professionals. so, act like one!!

i have no choice but to voice out this frustration and anger of mine. i am dissapointed that this practice of gossiping and minding about others people business for the wrong reasons, have yet to cease. be rest assured that i am no saint. i had and occasionally still have my share of bad habits but not to the extent of seeking for the truth of the matter which does not relate to me to the core of it and spreading it to others in the name of informing the current happenings of our peers.

i think i've said my peace of mind. to those i've offended, i seek ur forgiveness and to those who've yet to stop the habit of minding people's business, i suggest; PLEASE STOP IT for you are not perfect and to find the imperfection of others is an utter waste of time.

oh yeah, and to WHOEVER WANTED TO KNOW; sasha and i are just fine the way we are. she was absent from my open house because she went for a legal aide program and mind you, i was duly informed before hand.

and also please know that i write this not to offend anyone but merely as a REMINDER not only to those concerned but also to myself and NO, i am not stooping as low as those who started the nonsensical rumor. This is based on true fact and nothing less.

enough said.

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