Friday, 2 November 2007

L.a.w.a.k.s B.O.D.O.H

lame jokes (i.e. lawak melayu bodoh) never really makes me laugh but as i was rushing to work this morning, the following two jokes in the form of a teka teki managed to release my stress-ness of reaching office late (late being after 8 a.m.i know, pathetic):-

i) Q: siapa kembar hantu?
A: ....han-three. eheheheh.lawah tak seberapa lawak but i laughed non-the-

ii) Q: negara apa yang banjir sebelum hujan?
A: Bahrain (get it?bah=banjir, rain=hujan)..ngueh..ngueh..ngueh...

and today's friday.whoopey.lookin forward to an all girls slumber party at mira's crib tonite to help her out in her engagement ceremony happy for u, Dear Mira.congrats!!!=)

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World Champ Stephen Neal said...

I love slumber parties! Gaze into my hypnotic beard!