Thursday, 22 November 2007

she's married!!

upon stumbling into muna's wedding picture on her friendster page and seeing her undeniably elated face, i guess it just sunk in my brain that she's really married. one of my closest buddy is married. muna; she's married. wow..

sad that i couldn't go to her akad and her wedding reception but muna dearest, do know that i'm praying for your hapiness, always.*tears*

gone were the days of uia where i would crash in ur room shared with ein and mira and we would talk all night long and laugh at our own antiques and silly jokes. gone were the days where u would tutor mira and ein right before exam and i would just sit, watch and menyibuk, mana tau kalau dapat tips2 interesting. gone were the days where we would alternately drive to our hang out place together with ein,mira and melati (be it jusco maluri, mc'donalds or projet) right after class. gone were the days where we would confide to each other bout our personal problems.*sob*

though all those are gone, know that you'll remain my closest buddy then, now and forever. insya allah.

you and your own antiques, mira and ein with their own antiques and of course ms. shuhadah with her peculiar antiques; but do know, indifferent that we are, you guys thought me the value of a friendship, one which is priceless. love u guys to bits!!

by end of next year, i'll have to share u guys with ur respective husbands and that leaves me with a sentimental feel. *sob*

Iftar 2007 i.e. last meet up before muna became mrs. syed

Well, anyhoooow,congrats to Mr and Mrs Syed. May ur marriage's blessed with eternal bliss.

To Muna, Mira and Ein; i know i've said it before but i'll say it again; thank u for the amazing friendship and cheers to my lovely ladies for making my life colorful.=)

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sharifah said...

yes, im married shuey,but trust me,i wont trade our friendship with anything..i love you (yes,i love my derest fren shuey,any problem with dat?:p)n i miss u..u know u can rely on me anytime u need me,kan?kan?take care my dearest shuey..