Saturday, 17 November 2007

just got back from langkawi for a conference. had to give muna's wedding a miss. never the less, i got to speak to her before the akad ceremony.i love u babes.sorry couldn't make it.

so that u people DO NOT SPECULATE, i was away for work and it has got nothing to do with ANY FACT that i fought with her. so, there. i've said it. don't anyone dare to make any presumption about my absenties at her wedding. to friends who understood my previous post and who were concerned enough to ask me how i was (thanks asni), much thanks to u guys for not asking me who the gossip culprits were. that shows how one could be professional and respectful about one's personal matters.

the three day conference was truly exhausting. did a whole bunch of things which i never thought i am brave enough to do. pictures will be uploaded soon in the next post.

exhausted today.looking forward for a lunch session with ma pretty ladies from high school tomorow.have a great weekend peeps.or whatever's left of it.=)

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