Sunday, 25 November 2007


in the light of whatever's happening in the nation, i'm sadden at the fact that we've forgotten who we are, what we had, and how thankful we should be of our own country, we call Malaysia.

i believe there must be check and balance in a government. i believe that the voices of the people must be heard. but where should we draw the line? how should we draw the line? should we be too adamant with what we feel that laws are to be ignored, national security are to be jeopardized?

i don't have answers to these questions but i believe there are ways to resolve the dissatisfaction of everyone. have we forgotten how many envy the harmony we achieved living in a multiracial community? have we forgotten the sufferings the nation experienced from the 13 May 1969 incident. have we forgotten how to respect and be tolerant with one another?most importantly, have we forgotten who we are?

not one nation is perfect in this whole wide world. each country has its own turmoil and issues to be resolved by their respective government. to achieve such perfect nation, it is most certainly near to impossible.

thus, probably we should just for a second stop being selfish and be individualistic. instead, we should start embracing the fact that whoever our ancestors were, we are now nationals of Malaysia and stand united we must, if not for the present generation, have some mercy for the future generations to come.



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