Wednesday, 6 August 2008


like wow. it's already wednesday?

and like wow. t'row would be the last day of work (for the week) for me since i'll be taking friday off. =p

time have been zoomin by me for the past two weeks or so. not because i have tons of work to do. not because i was busy. i don't know. it just zoomed by.

so, the cousin got married last weekend. the dad got all emotional and started the cliche' line of "sedih tengok anak orang lain kahwin". the sisters ignored 'em line as always.

life? has been alright. I read a friend's blog that reminded me of my depressed days. No, I'm not depressed. I suspect she is. Like her, though not depressed, I feel dis-attached with the going ons of this world, country or me friends. Been busy minding own business with me family, cats and that once-upon-a-time-turned-hulk-dude.

I'm bored. I need excitement (not-kinky-related y'all). Everythings been dull dum dim dum.


More weddings come this weekend. Probably that'll put me back to my senses. Meeting friends and doing the hoo-haa-ing.

Till then, shuey OUT!

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