Thursday, 21 August 2008

How does it feel

to have traveled all the way for a meeting only to know that it was postponed in the afternoon to which in no way my boss or I was informed. To make it worst, we're the only ones who were not informed. Stupidity is taken to the next level. I've never been this furious for the longest i can remember. It's no wonder certain negative perceptions are thrown to this public sector. Shame on you people!!!


Didn't know a phone call caused the office boy to come all the way down to explain why we're not informed. He also had the cheek to shift the blame to my LA to which I called my LA in and ask him to explain the situation. Clearly my LA was not wrong. All the while, they were wrong for not informing us. They were wrong for not sending us the letter to inform the meeting was postponed.

May seem petty and trivial but mind you, this has happened more than once. It's the second experience for me. Imagine the first, where I stayed back for a meeting thought to convene at 8 p.m only to find out it started at 6.30 p.m. My boss did the yelling at that time. This time around, I was the horrid one.

The rule is simple. If we're not wanted at the meeting, why invite right?

I guess my broo-ha-ha at this would only add on to the negative perception that they have already gathered towards me; arrogant, un-sociable, hot-tempered federal counsel. And you'd think I care? I only react when I am provoked. I can be patient but I have my limits. The true color of shuey is shown now ey?

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Muahahahah. *gelak ala drakula* *giggles*

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