Wednesday, 27 August 2008


So the house this morning was filled with people (not strangers) as my aunties and uncles were leaving for Umrah. I on the other hand was busy preparing to leave for work. So, while doing so, had a casual talk or two with the people in the house. And naturally the casual talk or two will revolve around work or love life. Hence the question, "so where u workin' now?". the answer, "at putrajaya". question followed, "where at?". answer, "with the AGC but attached to a Ministry". response, "oh.gomen ker?". answer, "yeah".

That response given by the people as if shouts "tak standard nye kerja dgn gomen" (this observation is solely based on my OWN presumption as I am known to over-analyze and as many know, I suffer for severe sickness of paranoia) . And such retort comes from someone who is attached with a Government Link Company. How fair of a statement is that?

p/s: in case ur wondering, gomen stands for government


reena said...

Err..You're working kat AGC? Bhg apa? Hehehe.

shueyluweyduwey said...

reena: im under agc.tapi attached kat kementerian.

Ummu Auni said...

GLC tak best, gaji ciput...menonong kita org tengok orang gomen dapat gaji banyak dari kita orang, seriyes!

nama je GLC, tapi funding still kena cari sendiri

Sasha Lyna said...

gomen ke x gomen still kena keje..uish..xleh ker money tetiber je evry mnth ade dlm bank :)
chewy, such retort exist zaman late 80's early 90', every1 is berpusu-pusuING nk masuk gomen..serius!!3 of my cuz da join..frens jgn ckp la..we're losing frens in practice on a monthly basis :( sedey..mizz hangin out wt u guys kat court n ngumat magsitrate n interpretors..kihkihkih..

shueyluweyduwey said...

exactly my point sha. today is not like yesteryears where asal ada degree jer, confirm job ada. today, graduates struggle to get a job. so, tak kisah lar govt ker tak govt ker. asal makan duit halal sudah. =)

i don't miss the court routine. but i do miss the hanging out session and ngumpat session.hehehe.