Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Those who have been reading since i started blogging (from the one in Friendster), would've noticed how I hated,despise a certain somebody from my previous employment experience. Since I left, things didn't change much. The somebody is the same 'ol annoying person. Paranoid psychopath I would like to think.

I just got the dish from my former colleagues that that somebody is getting worst by the day. I pity pupils,colleagues & staff all the same to have that somebody dictate the division as if that somebody owns the division. From what I gather from the little bird, things are in fact getting uglier by the day. Sending nasty e-mails, un-called behaviour, paranoia syndrome sums up the characteristics of that somebody.

I am ever so glad that Allah chartered my path to where I am now for I wouldn't want to experience the awfullness of what they are presently going through.

"absolute power corrupts". And THAT is soo true.

Thank You Allah.

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emon said...

absolute power corrupts absolutely?