Thursday, 7 August 2008

Twilight Zone-Like

For the past 3 days I've been experiencing hard pounding headache. The one that makes u feel like dis-attaching the head and hit it hard against the wall for it is way excruciating to bear. Then again, I may have exaggerated tiny bit but STILL it's painful. The catch is this, it comes on the journey to work and when I'm at work. It lessen when the office view starts to disappear from my sight. And the best part is, it vanishes when I reach home. Now, how do u explain that? probably there's tiny aliens in me head carrying the mission to purposely disrupt me concentration at work. or probably there's kryptonite-like stone in the area of Putrajaya which causes me this pain. and that would make me Superman's sister and that would mean I have to wear my inner garment inside out? ewwwwwwwwwwwww.... *tenenenenenenenen-twilight zone tune starts to play* . to note, I'm having one at the moment. It hurts!!!!

On a different take, I'm almost done with one piece of work and I'm off for an early weekend break. Oh yeah. Not going for any escapade anywhere. Just taking leave for the fun of it. Because I can and because there's allocation for it. ngeeee..

G'morning, G'day, G'nite.


...but I digress said...

ha.its called "sick office syndrome".
thats when u sick of the office haha.
don't worry,its only symptomatic. =P

shueyluweyduwey said...

tee hee hee.that might just be IT af!! true about to leave the office and the headache dissapear.ish ish ish.

fraulein nadia said...


eh,can ask your brother superman to wear boxers instead of knickers ah?

i have a message for him,

eh Mister Superman, sorry lah but Spidey rules ok!
Nerds are sexier than someone who can fly.

shueyluweyduwey said...

will certainly convey that to muh big brotha!! =p