Thursday, 21 August 2008


See, the reason why i got infuriated for not being informed of the postponed meeting was because I've pre-planned how the day was going to run. The plan was this; attend meeting, skip formal lunch, head to Alamanda to get lunch.

Now, no meeting. no formal lunch. no alamanda trip to get lunch.

Furthermore, I'm too lazy to drive out or even drag my butt to the cafe downstairs to get some food.

Hence, decided to stay in the office ravishing on junkies i stock in the office. And you wonder why I'm this bloated and fat?

Stupid postponed meeting!!!!


fraulein nadia said...

Omg, aku bila stressed out makan makan makan.

Orang lain stressed out kurus kering, aku stressed out jadi gajah. So whenever u see me becoming Giselle Bundchen, that means I'm so inexplicably happy. Haha.

Bodoh siot, memang camtu selalu tak nak bagitau LA meetings.

"Oh Cik Nadia, kitaorg ada meeting 11am ni. Nak Cik Nadia attend."

"Skarang dah 10.55am!"

"Kan ada lagi 5 minit nak datang PJ..."

"Kiss ur own arse boleh tak?"

Heheheh...of course in real life I rushed to the car, drove like I'm in a Hollywood movie & arrived at the stupid meeting amidst cursing.

Sampai meeting,

"Oh Cik Nadia, sebenarnya takde apa2. Cuma nak Cik Nadia sit in the meeting dengar je apa kitaorg nak discusss..."

"Ok now kiss MY ARSE!"

shueyluweyduwey said...

hahahaha.took note on the "kiss my arse" remark. maybe.just maybe i'd use that.=)