Wednesday, 13 August 2008

3 weddings, bbq dinner & surpise bday bash

All the above event left me stuffed, bloated and FAT!! ewwww..I so need to go on a diet now.

Wedding numero uno:

Shauna and shadiq (9.8.2008)

Wedding number 2:

Hazlina & Shamsul (10.8.2008)

Wedding tres':

Masliza & Haizul Azmi (10.8.2008)

Le food and attendees of bbq:

mashed potato ala DIY

The host and hostess

Le couple no. 2

FAT & bloated Yours truly *yuck!!*

Ze surprise birthday bash:

The accomplices

The cupcakes

The baloon

The dazed birthday girl

Me complete lovely chikas (caya lar aban!!)

Just felt like having a photo blogging post this time. Been away for two day course from Mon-Tue. Back to office today. Attended B-O-R-I-N-G meeting. Going back home in a bit. Toodles.

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