Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I think I've made myself clear that to date, I've yet to attain confidence in the advises I give. More often than not, I always feel my opinion differs from the Wise ones.

Was doin some case research on a matter and came across this particular case which bear similar subject matter and facts to an opinion I gave months back. And I'm so glad that my opinion actually saved some *sses from being sued for in that case, the applicant succeeded in obtaining certiorari simply because the authority failed to adhere to natural justice rule of audi alterem partem (right to be heard) of which I very much insisted in the opinion I gave. And that's what saved them from being in a hot a soup.

Hooray for shue. The advantage of having gone through chambering period and the-not-so-long-practicing experience gives a different hind sight on things. I tend to look things both ways and not unilaterally.

It may seem petty, but it gives me the assurance that I don't suck in what I do. heh. =)


Ummu Auni said...

good for you!

the problem is with some people, they thought they know what's the best, but they don't realise there are many other ways of looking at certain things. glad, that u can use your experience during chambering to make judgments, but lo & behold, be prepared if at certain times, things are working the way that you thought it may be. just early this morning, i heard ustaz zahazan's kuliah tafsir - dan Allah timpakan musibah kepada org Muslim sebagai penghapus dosa.

so, fret not, if something happened to you, just think of it as musibah. yeah, and large organitation can be bureaucratic indeed

Sasha Lyna said...

shuey, i guess the feeling of being an undercat(since u lyk cat so mucho..hehehe) creeps in everyvody la..(except for Americans n those who feels theyre so high & mighty wen really they suck too...)
i guess wad im trying to say is dun b too hard on urself!!ive owis felt that opinions are really subjective n more often than not it differs..u myt feel left out coz ur opinion is NOT common but do bear in mind that common doesnt always mean right n ppl tend to go with the masses!!

so dun feel bad coz ure better than anyone else n 'wise' ppl pun not always right (ive come to learn that fact after being in practice thus far...)


shueyluweyduwey said...

k.aini: thanks for the reminder.=)

sasha: thanks babes. hihihi.=)