Monday, 28 July 2008

All is good

"Be with someone who loves you more than you love yourself"

I heard of the above quotation more than once. I've witnessed it. I'm experiencing it.

The past whirlwind of events made me realize that I've taken for granted on things that he does/willing to do for me. Yes, people I'm a self-certified QC (figure it out yourself). I get things to be done ONLY my way. It's my way or the high way (or so to speak).

But on that unfortunate Thursday, the Hulk in him emerged. All green and monster-ly liked *I'm not kidding*. The bottleneck pressure I caused on him exploded. Now, it's the other way round, it's HIS way or the highway. I was taken aback.

I thought it was dead over (which explains the sappy sorrow entries posted). But I couldn't let go. Not because I was desperate. Not because I was pathetic. But because I couldn't. I said 'stay'. He said 'why?'. I said, 'just because I don't want you to go'. *Note: And no, that was not the Tom Cruise 'you' complete me moment*. My request (he said it was begging.pfft) was turn down cold heartedly.

I pushed my luck and pestered him to stay. A home made 'sorry' card and a book gift did not even slightly stir his decision. I failed (or so I thought). When all fails, the secret weapon comes into play. I put on my best 'sappy sad' look and voila', for a moment I saw him smile (not the green wide smile. just a small hidden smile). good sign, yes.

But again, that was NOT the 'you complete me moment'. *sigh* to keep it short, ALL IS GOOD now.

I learnt that I made him cry on that unfortunate Thursday (just because he was very dissapointed in me. yes, I did a nasty thing/cumulative nasty things to turn him into that green monster. guilty as charged)
I learnt that I've underestimated his dreams and passion
I learnt that I AM the creator of that green monster in him. *tsk.tsk.I dissapoint myself*

From that,

I have to learn to respect
I have to learn to trust
I have to learn to believe
I have to learn to be patient

He may not be THE perfect guy for me. But I would like to think that he is THE guy for me.

For compromising, for understanding, for forgiving and forgetting, I salute you Mr. Dearie Said Person.

We have a long way to go. ;p

p/s: thanks to fellow friends who commented on my previous posts consoling me and telling me that everything will be okay. *hugs*

*Now all of you can go puking now. heheh..*


fadiahnadwafikri said... is in the air...sing with me shuey ahaha!:)

shueyluweyduwey said...

love is in the air for u or for me..hurmmmmmmmmmm?=)

nikeda said...

i think that was so sweet! dont worry, i wont be puking.. hehehe

shueyluweyduwey said...

hihihih..thanks nik.=)