Wednesday, 30 July 2008

hurt feet

For a person who considers being a shopping/fashion consultant (read: perasan sendiri) is her second profession, she failed to adhere to shopaholic rule 101: wear comfortable shoes!! instead, she wore heels to suit her-oh-so-glam-bag (read: perasan again). Little did she know that she would be checking out stores from one end of shopping mall to the other end of shopping mall just to find a men's blazer. Yes, u read that right. A MEN'S BLAZER!!

The aftermath: simple. feet aching till today. A HuGE blister on the back of me right foot. Resulting of which, can't wear heels for it bites on the blister part which is now naked and exposed. so much of looking glamorous. sheesh.

Oh yeah, fyi, the shopping consultant session was on last MONDAY. and today's WEDNESDAY. do the math yo.


p/s: mr. dearie said person. i don't blame you one bit. i was the stubborn one. so sue me.

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