Wednesday, 2 July 2008

back & tanned

Arrived home safely from the land of Redang on the evening of Monday with a very very tanned skin (icks) which then weirdly turned red yesterday. mr. dearie said person however convinced me that I didn't look bad with the very tanned skin and I took his words for he has forever been my no. 1 confidence booster.=)

Redang was alright. For some reasons (which I shall not disclose), I enjoyed last year Perhentian trip better though this time around we did more activities. Snorkelling is a must (obviously). We also did candat sotong but i failed miserably as no squid was attracted to my bait (shucks). We karaoke-ed. We played cards. They did Discovery Diving with the exception of yours truly and another friend for we can't swim and our water confidence is almost zilch. We laughed. We sotong-bbq-ed. We got very tanned. Pretty much sums up my 4 days 3 nights Redang extravagant.

Photos will follow suit later (as usual). hihi.

I've many things on my head to blog but can't seem to phrase anything properly. *sigh*

Will try to get thy thinking cap working soon.

*shuey bumming around the office. in no mood to work*

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