Thursday, 17 July 2008


Daily office journey (to Putrajaya):

leave house: 7.15-7.20 a.m
arrive office: 8.00 a.m


left house: 7.20 a.m
arrived office: 8.35 a.m

Dear Police Force,

Should you decide to set up road blocks on a working day, kindly give us, road users an early heads up!!!


Angry citizen

sheesh. and one would think the route to Putrajaya via LDP would not be jammed. Not when one is staying in Damansara Jaya!! I could not imagine those from Puchong heading towards KL for work today. One road block near East In caused massive jam all the way to Puchong. It's ridiculous i tell ya!!

*shuey wishing she's back home playing with a one eyed blue kitten named ten-ten.sigh*

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