Friday, 25 July 2008


Back in the practicing days, I was the girl who would write down notes in meeting, the girl who would stay back till the wee hours of the morning to assist preparing bundle of documents for a case due next morning. I was even the girl who had to deliver those documents to court. In short, a not-so-well paid kuli cabuk.

Today, I exchanged words (disagreement) with a PARTNER of a rather renown firm of whom I only came to find out after the meeting. We exchanged cards. Like wow. Exhilarating. Never in a million years I think I would've able to do what I did just now.Hihihih..

This job is not so bad after all. Glad didn't make a fool of myself. Oh yeah.=)

*shuey in the mode of poyo-ness and jakunnes*

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