Monday, 23 February 2009

Rainy Monday Blues

I'm in dire need to lose weight. Oh please don't dismiss my plea. It's no fun to not being able to fit into any clothes I would like to wear. No, it does not necessary mean new clothes. I'm talking about the outfits readily accessible from my not-walk-in-closet. Yes, the shopaholic-shuey decided to take a back-seat from all the online-vintage-buying frenzy for the world-economic-slum is scaring the pants out of her. tsk-tsk.

Back to the issue. Yes. I admit I'm on a suka-hati diet. And the suka-hati diet consist of taking protein shakes. I try not to munch. But the office is freaking cold. The rain ain't helping. The tummy starts to rumble. Damage done to my suka-hati diet; besides the protein shakes, I consumed two quaker-chewy-chocolate-chunk-granola-bars (one in the morning and another one just a minute ago). Apakah? And I curse the weighing machine for not budging from my oh-so-scary-weight. tsk-tsk.

Bila nak kurus nih. tsk-tsk.

It's a rainy monday blues. tsk-tsk.

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