Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Frantic Tuesday

It was 7.20 a.m. The car would/could not start. Have meeting at 10. Called mom. Asked permission to drive her car. Grabbed mom's keys. Drove off with mom's car.

8.00 a.m-ish reached office. Looked down at feet. Slippers. YIKES!!!

Yes, it is still a frantic Tuesday. I'm in the office. Heel-less, Shoe-less. Luckily or un-luckily my mom's run down Scholl-sandal is in the car.

Reminder to self: 10 a.m meeting, bring down your kurung skirt and walk like a Japanese.



survived the 10 a.m meeting without looking ridiculous in my mom's run down Scholl-sandal because the meeting went on without my presence (and a few others). I'm too lazy to explain why since it is insignificant in the first place. *buang 2 jam di situ* ish.

lesson learnt today:

  • keep two pairs of shoes in the office in case of emergency
  • disebabkan dua pasang kasut lebih disimpan di office, ada alasan membeli kasut-kasut yang baru (plural). =)
Sekian terima kasih


suri said...

Wah kak shu, that tuesday is just "giler" haha.

Starting today, which means this immediate friday i am beyond doubt taking your advice & going to buy a new pair of shoes to be place under my desk ( i don't have a room, just desk :( )

that is how I get your advice la, to suit my needs...hehe

shueyluweyduwey said...

atikah: u should u should.never knew when emergency like such arises.gile horror i tell u!!

nadia said...

Ahh guess wot?

I always have like 3-4 pairs under the desk. Dari chambering lagi...

Masa chambering, bawah desk sendiri, bawah desk asma, bawah desk dila semua ada kasut aku. haha...

shueyluweyduwey said...

nadia: mak aku kate, dalam keter boleh letak kasut belambak.takkan dalam ofis tak leh letak.

alasan aku: mana aku nak tau kereta aku boleh rosak pada pagi itu. duHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!