Thursday, 12 February 2009


I don't know why but i've lost motivation to work. I am not quite sure if boredom at work is an issue because at the moment, there are interesting new legal issues to explore on. Could it be the working environment? Could I have chosen the wrong working path? Sometimes it feels like I'm back at square one as where I was before about a year plus ago. Hmmmm..

Tired of thinking. Tired of being de-motivated. Tired of everything. If only being a housewife at this age is an option. Now, don't get me wrong. Being a housewife is as challenging as a professional but at least I'm focused at keeping the house clean and making the husband happy. My husband would be my colleague and the house would be my office. Cool kan?

If only. If only. Ish, rezeki Tuhan bagi. Harus bersyukur.Perlu bersyukur.

*sigh* Me and my whining. When will it ever end?

Sila ignore saya. Terima kasih.

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