Monday, 4 October 2010


After the whole eid celebration do, everyone in the fam(ily) started to get hyped again for the W prep. Even Syam! Miracle I tell ya!

Thus far, I am lovin the bunga pahar prototype that mother is slowly trying to assemble. I am loving more of the fact that it is a whole fam affair. Like when we go shop for materials to assemble the bunga pahar, everyone has their say. It's fun! Except for the part when we got home and mother suddenly got annoyed when the ensemble turned imperfect. Motherzilla moment there! Scahreee.

I am also lovin the khatam quran/akad/reception door gift prototype. It's traditional  with a slight modern twist and hopefully turns functional when it reaches everyone's home. love love.

Father is known to be unpredictable. Like ALL THE TIME. But his question to the mother on the way to a wedding reception at Putrajaya puts me off guard like TOTALLY, " bila nak buat kad? kena buat kad cepat. Orang start distribute card like one to two months away from the day.". And I answered, "haaa? why must you do the card. I'll be doing the cards WITH MY DESIGN like how I WANT IT TO BE.". And he said, "ma, she's doing the card?" I said, "yes". And he said, "tau ke macam mana nak buat map.". Malas nak layan. Then the whole conversation stopped. Drama please. It's not like I don't trust his taste. But like hello, I've yet to hear father of the bride designing/prepare wedding cards. So, mother revealed his true concern is making sure I nail the map part so as to ensure the directions are clear. He actually kept his friend's kids wedding card for the map is the best, so he say! See, I even have a map prototype

Now, this part I love!! I've been keeping all sorta W cards prototypes. All are mat-salleh's wedding inspired! Hee. The latest obsessions are these:

 credits here

credit here

Above is mat salleh inspired. Below is my engagement videographer's W card. CANTIK kan??? He said the card is made from recycled paper. Uber chic and environmental friendly. Double AWESOME!! :) Showed mother. She approved!! Eh, but no pictures of us like that of course. It'll be super simple and clean.

Many more left to be done. 6 months to go. Then, happily ever after? Till later. 

p/s: mr. caveman, where have u been hiding. i miss ya.


Sasha Lyna said...

cant even think of imagining when i have to go thru all this jugak..

sure kabut esp the fact that im such a last minute person..hpfully doss will cast some of his charm of punctuality n planning on me..*wishful thinking* hahaha...

even mase pg umah lils pon he was like, janji nk dtg kol brape neh..hehehe..

remember to have LOADS of fun k babes..


shueyshoelove said...

I rasa tak sha. We are particular and meticulous in our own way. Come on, u already have a book!! Tinggal nak execute je. Will do! Beginning to enjoy it when everyone is in the same boat as me. I'm not alone! Heee. :)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

English wedding is so simple and laid back. I was inspired by a minimalist English home wedding I saw in one of Martha Stewart's mag. Backyard home wedding. It was uber cool that I went jumping in excitement and exclaimed "This is just so me!" :)

Nothing too fancy, simple but elegant and classy in its own way. The most important part was that the wedding was so laid back and people actually had fun. The bride and groom looked blissfully & sincerely happy.

Ahhh. I have this smile on my face every time I remember the pictures from THAT wedding :)

shueyshoelove said...

TSS: kannn??? Zen is sooo in. Heee. Glad that I'm not the only one who is obsessed with mat salleh's wedding do! :)