Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday LoVe

The weekend plan was supposed to be; Saturday out with Syam and Sunday awesome charity work with fun loving friends.

Turned out Saturday was spent at home baking birthday cake for sister while Syam was down with fever. Half of Sunday was spent cleaning up my dusty room (read: house DON'T panel window dressing. NO!) and the remaining half was spent with Syam exploring Jalan TAR for W stuffs and later to IKEA scouting ideas to revamp my room from bachelor-messy to adult-organized. Now I know how finicky he can be with house furniture. He likes it short, I like it tall. BUT all in all he has ideas and not-so-bad taste. DIY much in the future. I like. =)

It was unfortunate that I couldn't join with the charity thang but seriously if I didn't grab the chance of dragging getting him to Jalan TAR, it'll be weeks if not months until we have proper weekends to ourselves to get things up and running. And it is down to 5 months. *gigit jari* 

Sorry fellow friends. I'm sure today won't be the first and the last.

Sunday came and leaving too quick. Sunday's always a pleasure while it lasts. Here's to many more Sunday Loving with the fam(ily)+cats, syam and friends. 

Oooh. I am loving the maxi jupes. Uber uber LoVe.

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