Sunday, 17 October 2010


I've always loved videos and photos which looked totally unpretentious. My videographer nailed it to the T. I'm super freakin lovin it! Check it here. If you like it like how I LIKED it, he can be contacted at His price is super duper reasonable. I guarantee ya!

On a different note, I am pretty much satisfied at the rate all W plans are going. The down side is that most of the preparations bit are done together with my mother and sisters. Not that I am complaining for they are my W planners cum consultant. It is a family affair after all. I just wish he could be part of the preparation bit  much more. The only time we get to see each other is on one of the weekdays for dinner and it is a super spoiler to go over tedious W details when we don't even see much of each other to update on our daily lives. or to just really sit and enjoy each others company. Don't get me started on weekends. When he is free, I've got pre-planned commitments. When I am free, he has to go to work!! *sigh* Like for example how I really wanted him to accompany me to meet up with the uber talented designer yesterday, he couldn't because he had to work at the very last minute. Boo to standbys!! Boo!!

Oh, on the designer. She is super friendly and I totally love her workin space. She immediately understood what kind of designs I dig and she will try to make it work. Think clean. Think simple. Think vintage. Think pearls. I can't wait!!! 

It has been an awesome weekend (minus syam being all busy. boo). Totally lovin the whole jersey maxi skirt look. I want more more!!

 Goodbye Sunday. Hello Monday. *bore*


Moose said...

oh you're taking unaisah as well?
she's like super friendly and bubbly kan? and i love how she can understand what i want is out of the norm. love it about her.

shueyshoelove said...

yup yuppers! easy to deal with la bak kata orang. heheh. my mom and sister pun suka dia. =)