Thursday, 29 July 2010

Epitome of vintage. Cantiknya. *pengsan*

Yes. I am a the queen of drama queen. Life without drama is dull. But too much drama suck the life out of me. Trying to be drama-less by dreaming. Say hello to yellow vintage dream dress. 

Jatuh cinta untuk ke berapa kali entah. =)

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Now, ain't that lovely. I'm a sucker for everything vintage and simple.

A friend once said to me that if one is destined to be soul mates forever, things shouldn't be too difficult. In a way I agree. But it is pretty much subjective. Maybe the difficulty is a learning curve for us to be patient. To compromise. To be thankful and grateful of what is bestowed upon us. 

If everything is easy breezy, I think I'd forget. I'd take things for granted. I'd gloat. 

Some have it easy, some have it difficult. That is just how life is right?

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